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Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RtI) is an instructional framework that combines core instruction, assessment, and intervention within a multi-tiered system to increase student achievement and to produce positive behavior outcomes. The heart of the RtI process entails belief in the vision and mission that it is our responsibility, as educators, to ensure high levels of learning for all students and to create a systematic process that ensures every student receives the additional time, instruction, and support needed to achieve.

Fairfield ISD is committed to having policies and procedures designed to prevent appropriate over-identification or disproportionate representation by race or ethnicity of children with disabilities. The goal of RtI is to improve the academic performance of all students by intervening early when any student shows signs that he or she is struggling. Data is gathered and studied on each student so that instruction can be matched to the individual student and so that interventions that are researched-based focus on the unique needs of each struggling learner. The student’s progress – that is, his or her response to the intervention – is monitored and used in making decisions about the strategies to be implemented to support the student in improving academic performance.

The Major Components of the Response to Instruction and Intervention Framework


Response to Intervention Parent Notice

Response to Intervention Parent Notice – Spanish

Response to Intervention Tiers


Fairfield ISD's RtI Forms


Initial RtI Form

RtI Health Form

RtI Parent Information Form (English)               RtI Parent Information Form (Spanish)

RtI Meeting Form

RtI Meeting Checklist

RtI Intervention Form

Intervention Optional Form 

Example of the Optional Intervention Form

IXL Intervention Option Form

Cold-Warm-Hot Log Form

ELL Instructional Accommodations


Tools for RtI


RtI frequently asked questions


Reading Interventions

Math Interventions

Student Center Activities FCRR

(K-1)      (2-3)     (4-5)

Tier 2 (K-2)

Tier 3 (K-2)

Questions to Guide Instruction

(Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, & Comprehension)


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade


Intervention Central

Number Operations: Strategic Number Counting

Math Problem-Solving: Combining Cognitive & Metacognitive Strategies

Interpreting Math Graphics


FCRR Assessments for Instruction

Intensive Interventions



National Library of Virtual Manipulatives



A Maths Dictionary for Kids


Math Playground- Math Olympics



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